3 Indications – 1 Material

ParaCore is a dual-cured, glass-reinforced composite resin, radiopaque composite system available in three shades. The material simplifies the post & core restorative technique, because it is ideal for post cementation as well as core-build ups.
Additionally, ParaCore in automix syringes is usable for cementation of indirect restorations.
The use of ParaCore as a fixing and abutment material establishes an optimum “monoblock bond interface” between dentin, post and crown to produce a restoration with an unusually long life and very high strength.
The perfectly matched bond and cement system form a closed product chain for clinically successful posts build ups with long-term stability.Extended working time with ParaCore SLOW
The working time of the ParaCore SLOW at 37° C is 60 seconds, which allows completion of large restorations or cementing posts without time pressure. The ParaCore SLOW setting version can also be injected directly into the root canal with the fine root-canal mixing tip.ParaCore provides you with the following features

  • One Material for 3 Key Indications (post cementation, core-build ups, crown & bridge cementation)
  • 2 Versions: ParaCore and ParaCore SLOW
  • 3 Shades: dentin, white and translucent
  • Optimal monoblock bond interface between the dentin-post-crown
  • Superior bond strength and durability
  • Stable consistency
  • Contains fluorid
  • Radiopaque

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