DIATECH Speedster

DIATECH Speedster carbide burs offer the perfect mix of power and precision for your procedural needs aiding in reduced preparation and chair time.

Advanced designs and aggressive rake angles provide the means to create a longer lasting, concentric, smoother cutting instrument that rapidly reduces materials such as amalgam, gold, porcelain, enamel and PFM. Speedster carbide burs provide excellent advantages which optimize cutting speed, lessen vibration, dampen chatter, and control heat aiding in the prevention of tooth structure damage.

DIATECH Speedster LongHead preparation and bulk reduction burs offer familiar diamond bur shapes in a carbide bur construction.  These shapes include Football (379), Flat End Taper (847), and Round End Taper (856).  The long 8mm head lengths of the 847 and 856 are ideal for Chamfer and Shoulder preparation while the dimension of the 379 are perfect for occlusal/lingual reductions.

DIATECH Speedster- power and precision when it is needed most.