Enduring gloss – made brilliant

BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal composite of the latest generation and a true all-round material. It has been developed with special focus on high, long-lasting gloss and shade aesthetics and handling convenience. The shade assortment comprises three opacities: 3 opaque masking shades, 7 universal Duo Shades suitable for single-shade restorations and 2 translucent shades for optional enamel imitation. Meeting highest requirements for “brilliant” anterior and posterior restorations, it is the ideal modern filling material:

  • Exceptional polishability and gloss retention
  • Aesthetic single-shade restorations with universal shades
  • Neat and clear shade spectrum of only 12 shades, offering an aesthetic and versatile system
  • Smooth consistency
  • Good wettability and low stickiness to the instrument
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • VITA based Duo Shade system



The user-friendly and highly aesthetic Flow material offers all the quality characteristics of the BRILLIANT EverGlow shade concept and filler technology, such as polishability and gloss retention. As a result, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow delivers convincing aesthetic outcomes and is the ideal partner for the universal composite BRILLIANT EverGlow.

  • Optimal thixotropy
  • High stability
  • Low viscosity with good wetting
  • Available in three opacities

BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow comes with two application needle sizes. In addition to the standard size (Ø 0.8mm) a fine size (Ø 0.4mm) enriches the accessory range. With this fine size BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow can be applied with even higher precision.

BRILLIANT EverGlow short clip filler technology

BRILLIANT EverGlow short clip shade concept

BRILLIANT EverGlow short clip handling

BRILLIANT EverGlow short clip gloss retention

BRILLIANT EverGlow Accessories